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Changzhou Liangxu Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd. is located at Changzhou, a famous historical city south of Yangtze River, which is equidistant from Shanghai and Nanjing. Located at Changzhou National Hi-tech Development Zone, our company has enjoyed favorable geographical location and convenient transportation. The distance from our company to Changzhou Airport, Changzhou Port and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway is within 15km. 

Our company covers an area of over 40mu, and our plant covers an area of over 30,000m2. We have been engaged in research, development and manufacturing of pipe bending equipment since 1995. We have focused on processing and production of radiator outlet pipes and other pipe products since 2000, and have become a main supplier of pipe products to China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. since the beginning of 2006. At present main products of our company include over 400 exclusively supplied products, such as exhaust pipes of HOWO series, A7 series, T7 series, C7 series, etc., intercooler inlet and outlet pipes, radiator outlet pipes, fender supports, clamps, etc. 

As a hi-tech enterprise, Changzhou Liangxu has more than 30 patents for invention, patents for utility models and design patents and over 20 exclusive techniques. Our first-class pipe bending technology has been approved by renowned enterprises at home and abroad. 

In order to guarantee product quality, our company closely checks each procedure from purchase of raw material to product delivery. All of the coming material receives chemical component analysis and physical performance test by spectrograph and tension tester, and defective material is rejected; hinged arm measuring instrument is applied during production process to guarantee that tolerance is within a reasonable scope, welding quality and air tightness of pipe connection structure are inspected by air tightness detector, and special quality problems with certain features are analyzed by image measuring instrument; after machining of pipe surface, some products are selected in random inspection for salt spray test to guarantee good appearance and quality. 

Whole-process quality control guarantees not only exterior quality, but also performance quality of all kinds of products. Our company has been a leading supplier in auto industry, and has been rated as a qualified supplier by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group for a consecutive five years, and has enjoyed exclusive supply right. 

Our company has full-automatic digital pipe-bending equipment, which is the most advanced technology worldwide. The minimum bending radius is 0.8D. Compared with the common bending radius (1.5D), the 0.8D radius provides more space for finished auto assembly and avoids disturbance point; reduction rate ¡Ü20%, for example, thickness of a pipe with original thickness of 2mm is still more than 1.6mm after bending; servo motor is applied for control. Compared with previously used hydraulic system control, servo motor features a more sophisticated control capacity and higher degree of automation. All commissioning, lubrication and other works are done by computer control, which improves safety of workers. The servo motor can be remotely controlled. 

3D robot laser cutting machine is applied to pipe cutting. Compared with traditional metal circular sawing machine or plasma cutting, it features simple and convenient operation. Operator only needs to set up machining parameters of products before cutting process to ensure precise operation. Laser cutting produces fine cutting edge and effectively guarantees perpendicularity of cutting edge with cutting error of 0.01mm. 

Pipe end processing applies pipe end forming machine for forming. Parameters are set by computer during production. Pipe end is bended and formed in one time. Compared with integrated welding model and flange connection model widely used by domestic manufacturers, pipe end forming features simple process, smooth appearance, convenient connection, uniform angle of two ends and 100% air tightness. Installation angle can be adjusted to facilitate finished auto assembly. 

All pipe fittings and flanges are welded by Panasonic robots to fully guarantee appearance and quality of welding. Processing of exterior surface of products is done by assembly line. 

Our company introduces production equipment of metal flexible pipes from abroad and applies imported raw material for processing, which guarantees high flexibility, air tightness, mechanical shock resistance and other performance of products and extend service life. Our product quality meets international standards and our company enjoys a bright development prospect. We believe that in the near future, our company will become stronger and witness a better development.

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